Location: Australia

3CR community radio provides a media space enabling progressive communities to voice ideas and build their power to create social change. When 3CR gained its licence in 1976 it was considered Australia’s first community-owned and community-run grassroots radio station. Now in its forties, the station is well-known as a political and social justice broadcaster. We prioritise the voices of women, First Nations people, workers, refugees, and the many issues and people misrepresented and under-represented in the mass media. We are governed by our community of volunteers and listeners. Our peak decision making body, the Community Radio Federation (CRF), is made up of representatives of affiliate members, station workers and subscribers. 3CR holds a deeply informed and radical philosophy of what radio and community media can be. Shaped and guided by the volunteers and communities who pass through the station everyday, 3CR remains a vital organisation within the community media landscape.
Many 3CR broadcasters are community activists and therefore uniquely placed to present alternative current affairs, news and views. 3CR stages a number of special broadcasts annually to promote human rights issues including Aboriginal rights, women’s rights and worker’s rights. When major social justice events are happening in Melbourne such as strikes, rallies and demonstrations 3CR is usually the first place socially justice minded people tune into. Read about our story below. Unlike almost all other media organisations in Australia, 3CR is genuinely owned by the community – by the groups and individuals who broadcast, and by the people who listen to the station. www.3cr.org.au