Please enjoy this online complement to the Interference Archive exhibit (July 11th – September 29th, 2019) showcasing the power of radio in the service of social movements and underrepresented communities. We shared stories of people, stations and organizations from around the world who have battled the system to bring their diverse programming onto the airwaves.

Exhibit Themes

Our exhibit themes are shared below in the form of timelines with featured audio video or images to accompany each item.

Live Broadcast

We had a pop-up temporary FM broadcast during live events. Locals could listen over the airwaves at 88.5 (if they happened to be on the block). They could also listen from afar via our online webcast, which has since been shut down to avoid ongoing server costs.

DIY Radio Resources

Check out the resource list we’ve compiled here: Minimum Viable Radio Station


List of stations included in the exhibit.


List of organizations included in the exhibit.


List of books consulted or related to the themes included in this exhibit

Organizers and Supporters

This exhibition was organized by Interference Archive volunteers Celia Easton Koehler, Charlie Muller, Dylan Flesch, Elena Levi, Kelly Mill, Louise Barry, Natalie Kerby, and Rob Smith. Poster design by Peter Kaplan.

This exhibition was made possible by the support of Hindenburg and Materials for the Arts. Special thanks to: Amanda Huron, Amy Starecheski, Arrow Chrome, Athena Viscusi, Barbara Olshansky, Big Reuse, Bonnie Gordon, Bush Radio, The California Historical Radio Society (CHRS), Charlie Uruchima and the folks at Kichwa Hatari, Christina Dunbar-Hester, Claude Marks and Freedom Archives, Dane Spudic, David Collingsworth, David Goren, Elizabeth Sanders and Rachel Garringer at WMMT, Emma Russell, Fivel Rothberg, Fly Orr, Greg Ruggiero, Gregor Cardue, Heather Anderson, Iain McIntyre, Jared Ball, Jason Blackkat, Josh MacPhee, Joshua Gamma, Julia Thomas, Juliet Fox and the folks at 3CR, KEXP, Kurt Allerslev, Lani Hanna, Marnie Brady, Michael McCanne, Michael Eisenmenger, Michelle Milner, Monica Johnson, Neelufar Franklin, Noelle Hanrahan and the folks at Prison Radio, Patrick Evans, Pete Tridish, Peter Spagnuolo, Rachel Daniell, Stephen Dunifer, Sylvia Ryerson, Tara Downs, and Valerio Minnella.