Please enjoy this online complement to the upcoming Interference Archive exhibit (opening July 11th in Brooklyn) showcasing the power of radio in the service of social movements and underrepresented communities. We’re sharing stories of the people, stations and organizations from around the world who have battled the system to bring their diverse programming onto the airwaves.

Exhibit Themes

Our exhibit themes are shared below in the form of timelines with featured audio video or images to accompany each item.

Live Broadcast

You can tune in to our pop-up temporary FM broadcast over the airwaves at XX.X if you happen to be on the block with your transistor radio. Or you can listen from afar in via our online webcast: Stream Resistance Radio here.

DIY Radio Resources

Check out the resource list we’ve compiled here: Minimum Viable Radio Station


List of stations included in the exhibit.


List of organizations included in the exhibit.